Monday, June 3, 2013

Process Writing - Final Piece

I definitely need to revamp my structure and focus in this piece.  I found it really hard to figure out a structure this time because I wasn't able to see Ryan in the context of his gin distillery...which is what I had planned to focus on.  When I interviewed Mel, my time spent with her just worked perfectly as the story structure and I think I tried to start off this piece like that, to no avail.  The beginning is pretty bad at the moment and I think before class on Wednesday I will try and do a Franklin outline to help a little bit.

I also had sort of a harder time interviewing Ryan than I did with Mel.  He didn't really give me anything beyond the questions I asked, so I ended up having to ask a bunch of little follow-up questions to get anywhere.  I have a few more interviews set up for later this week so hopefully those shed some light.  I just sort of need to figure out what conflict, if any, there is in this story and work to structure around that.  Any and all comments are welcome!  Thanks!

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